Dream Girl By The Gallery (Remix)

That time again, this time another remix of a country song by a band called The Gallery. This song is entitled Dream Girl. It’s been interesting bouncing around genres a little bit. What I’ve noticed is that I tend to approach songs from a rock point of view. Not really surprising because metal and rock are really what my musical DNA is based on, but part of me has a philosophical debate with myself about whether I should spend time learning about the idiosyncrasies of mixing each specific genre or do I allow the mix to be filtered through my musical preferences.

I was having a discussion with a guitarist friend of mine the other week about this, he’s allowing me to re-record and remix some of his work, and I made the comment that in a way the producer and engineers are additional band members from a certain point of view because they can through their choices dictate what the end songs sounds like. Just going through the exercise of writing this post out makes me think, it is worthwhile to learn about how certain styles like country are engineered and mixed because that knowledge is just another tool in the larger engineering box o’ tricks. Enough blabbering, have a listen to a good country song by a talented group of guys!

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