AI isn’t coming, It’s here…..

Man, am I torn by this… Below is a song I “wrote”… I didn’t actually write any of the lyrics, or music, I went in, told this AI to write me a song about the Singularity, make it in the style of progressive metal, ambient, electronic music. I tweaked it as I went along with different prompts, but below is the result…

For reference, The Singularity in the context I’m talking about is the merging of man and machine, but it also can mean the point where an AI we create surpasses our intelligence.

I’m sure I’ll get into this further somewhere because I have WAY too many conflicting thoughts about this all.. Might be worth getting a bunch of my musician and geek friends together to do a podcast about this.. I don’t know, but man, this makes my head explode in good and bad ways…..

Give it a listen if you are so inclined, it’s very “Evanescence” like to my ears, but read the lyrics as well…. Love to know your thoughts…

Transcendent Minds

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