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Audio Interfaces

OK so if you’ve been playing the home game I left your cords dangling at the end of that last post on ports. Time to grab your cable and stick it into something!! You’re thinking about sex again aren’t you? Ugh you people.. Audio interfaces people!!!! Lets talk dirty about those. So what is an …


Any Port In A Storm

Eew I can sense the excitement in the air, we’re talking about ports, where you stick stuff in and magical things happen. You’re excited right? Right? Be honest, after that intro your mind went to the gutter… Perv 😉 COMPUTER ports my friend, that is where we’re at today. How you connect your audio interface …

Blog Entry, Technology

Let’s Talk Tech

It’s kinda funny that I’ve focused on audio talk and remixes but never get into what I actually make a living at and how it relates to audio. So as you may or may not know I’ve worked in IT for 20 something years. I love technology in all it’s various forms and in particular …