Month: February 2017


The Art of Listening Documentary

There’s an interesting documentary on YouTube called The Art of Listening that I watched the other night that I thought I would share. It’s basically about all the work that goes into making music right from the stage of building instruments, an artist choosing theirs and then all the people involved in the process ending …


The Five Minute Sound Study Podcast

Hello everyone, my name is Rob Blazik and I would like to welcome you to the inaugural edition of the Five Minute Sound Study Podcast! ┬áThe Five Minute Sound Study Podcast is exactly what it sounds like, learning about audio and sound engineering in teenie tiny five minute segments, and what better place to start …

Blog Entry

Welcome to The Sound Study

Hi everyone, my name is Rob Blazik and I am the owner of I thought I would start off this site with a brief biography and explanation as to why I started this site and what purpose it will, in my mind fill. As of today’s date I am a 47 year old, Father, …