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Welcome to The Sound Study

Hi everyone, my name is Rob Blazik and I am the owner of I thought I would start off this site with a brief biography and explanation as to why I started this site and what purpose it will, in my mind fill.

As of today’s date I am a 47 year old, Father, Husband and IT manager. At a very young age I developed what would later become a life long love affair with music. That really started when I turned 9 years old and discovered KISS. From that point forward I became obsessed with the art form of music, primarily with the genre’s of Heavy Metal and Hard Rock. My horizon’s have widened in my later years, but I would still categorize those as my favorites.

My Mother thought it would be good for me to start guitar lessons around that time. They only lasted a couple of years and I dropped out because at the time, it wasn’t fun. Well in high school I made a friend who wanted to learn guitar, broke out the old guitar again and I haven’t stopped since. I’m not a great musician by any stretch of the imagination, but I don’t think that even matters. It is something I enjoy, and quite honestly is a really great outlet for releasing thoughts and energy, so I do the best that I can and enjoy every minute of it.

A few years ago, some friends and I started what amounts to a garage band. We all love music and this gave us a couple of hours of guy time every once in a while to enjoy each others company and make some noise. Well with that a song was written, and we decided to record it. Being a bit of a gadget geek I started purchasing the necessary equipment, read what I could on the internet and we recorded the song. I didn’t do a very good job of it to be honest, but it lit a fire in me that has led me here.

A year ago, I decided the recording arts were something I was REALLY interested in and signed up for a Recording Arts program at a local community college. Centennial College in Toronto to be more specific. At the time of this writing I’m about half way through that program, with the goal of becoming a sound engineer and producer.

At my age it’s not realistic to expect this to be a new career for me, but I’m hoping for it to become a side job, more for the love of doing it than anything else. As part of that I thought I would create this site as a document of this journey, and as a way of reaching people that may want to share in the exploration of music and recording.

The Sound Study is a bit of a play on words, seeing as I’m currently studying the art of recording it is a good way to describe my present situation, as I move forward however I would like to create a small studio type environment, where friends, fellow musicians, or anyone who is interested in the process can come together to learn,create and share, in a warm safe environment that feels like a library, or Study. I will share what I learn here and most likely babble on a bit about the things that I’m obsessed with. Hopefully it will also provide me with a place to meet new people that share the love I have for music, and the recording arts. So with that, thanks for reading, and welcome.


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